The exclusive 1,034 square foot of Clip ‘n Climb challenges are a new addition to our space activities, that added a healthy challenges in a fun and safe environment.

Climbers ages 6 and older can enjoy all our climbing challenges Astroball, Cloud 9, Twister, Face to Face, Big Cheese, Checkerplate, Amazing, and Pixetro. Each climbing challenge has different level of climbing techniques and difficulty levels.

Each Climbing session includes safety briefing and instructions on how to put on their harness and climbing shoe. Climber must arrive 10 minutes before their schedule session, so they can verify their session time at the reception desk and get ready for the challenge!

1/2 hour climbing session including safety briefing

1 hour climbing session including safety briefing



*Note: Prices do not include HST.                        

A climbing session starts every day at 11:00 am ( M-F) and 10:00 am on Saturday and Sunday until our closing hours, every session includes our safety briefing

Safe Environment

Thanks for “Trublue” the new generation of auto belay devices developed specifically for climbing. It consists of a self-regulating magnetic breaking system designed to eliminate the need for gear systems. The system allows individuals weighing between 10 and 150 kilos to gently descend to the ground. This equipment was engineered to meet the strictest international safety standards ISO 17025 and European Certification (CE).

Thanks for “BelayMate” a high performance connection device for climbers using Auto Belays. It is a tamper proof system which ensures that climbers are connected 100% securely to the Auto Belay line before they commence climbing. A unique sequencing mechanism ensures that either the Harness Connector or the Ground Anchor Connector has to be engaged into the main body at any time. The engagement of one connector automatically unlocks the other connector.

The “BelayMate” connection system eliminates the need for close supervision while at the same time increasing climber safety.

Rules & Regulations:

  • It is recommended that you wear casual and comfortable clothes
  • Socks are required at all times
  • Climber must wear climbing shoes provided by hop! skip! jump! Indoor Play Space only
  • The walls are designed to be used without chalk
  • Climber must follow the safety instruction provided by our staff