An interactive, and immersive challenge for the whole family. Players ages 8 and older can select between single play mode or Co-op play (2 player) and they need to navigate their way to complete mission objectives through a complex web of green lasers in the fastest time possible, without breaking any laser beams!

If they fail to complete a mission objective or break any laser beams they will be penalized and more time will be added to their score (100 points). Players who successfully and quickly complete the maze may earn a spot on the Top 10 Leader board.

Kids ages 3-7 can also enjoy the Laser Maze Challenge by selecting the Beam Buster mode and break as many laser beams as they can in 30 seconds!!

They can choose between single play or Co-op (2 player), players can enabled the bonus buttons when all the lasers have been broken by waving hand over the module.